buguroo becomes Revelock

Changes the Game in Online Fraud

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Know Your User

Key to the most accurate fraud detection

Avert Any ID Attack

The BionicID™ continuously verifies the user

Take Full Control

With an Active Defense approach

Silent CX

The best fraud solution is one that users don't know is there


Know Your User (KYU)

We build a digital fingerprint for each user based on biometric, behavioral, device, IP and network data, then continuously verify users across the user journey.


Prevent Account Takeover

Anytime we detect an anomaly that indicates a user is “not really you”  we take action to protect the real user and stop fraud.


Take Full Control

In addition to detection, we empower you to configure policies that automatically respond to malware, phishing, and RATs with Revelock Active Defense.


Silent CX

We continuously verifyare you really you? without annoying users  with stepped up authentications or a calls to Customer Service.

Revelock Fraud Detection & Response Platform


Securing Every User Interaction

Know Your User (KYU)


Full Context

We build the BionicID™ from thousands of parameters collected from behavioral biometrics, behavioral analytics, device, network and threat data.


Rapid Verification

The BionicID™ is trained and ready to verify users in just two interactions, reducing false positives and false negatives that trip up users and flood your call center.

Prevent Account Takeover


ID Theft


ID Impersonation


ID Manipulation

No matter what type of attack - malware, RATs or phishing, IDTheft, ID impersonation or ID manipulation - the BionicID™ changes the game. Our anomaly detection and classification engine delivers a continual risk assessment that protects your users and stops fraud.

Take Full Control


Active Defense

We don’t just detect, we help you respond - by allowing you create rules to automatically and transparently intercept malware, redirect phishing and protect accounts.


Pre-Emptive Defense

Go one step further to prevent attacks.  Identify bad actors, understand how they operate, uncover mule networks and disrupt future attacks.

Reduce Fraud & Call Center Costs
Without Hindering the Customer Experience

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