Revelock May 6, 2020 6 min read

Revelock launches Covid-19 Resources Center to protect against phishing

Madrid, Spain – 6 May 2020

Revelock, the online fraud prevention specialist for the financial sector, today announced its new Covid-19 Online Banking Fraud Resources Center, which consumers and companies located anywhere in the world can use to check whether Covid-related emails, SMS messages and social posts are scams. The service – which is free-of-charge – has been launched to counter the growing wave of phishing activity that has accompanied the Coronavirus outbreak.

During the pandemic, there has been a marked spike in phishing attempts as fraudsters try to capitalize on people’s increased reliance of online and mobile banking, as well as exploit their fears. Between January and March 2020, Revelock – which monitors for online fraud on behalf of some of the world’s largest banks – saw a 75 percent increase in the number of online banking sessions that included anomalous and suspicious user behavior. For mobile banking sessions the increase was greater still – with five times as many sessions flagged as risky.   

Revelock’s new resource center is a simple, centralised way for consumers to check if they are being targeted by scammers, and thereby stay protected against online fraud. Visitors can use the site to report and check the legitimacy of the messages and social posts they receive, as well as access a hub of regularly updated information, containing details on the very latest fraud campaigns and social engineering tricks being deployed by cybercriminals.


“Consumers all over the world are being bombarded with emails, text messages and social posts offering a wide range of Covid-related advice and products – we’ve seen everything from discounted hand sanitizer to eligibility for a tax refund – many of them a ruse to get the recipient to give up their personal data and bank details,” 

“Some of these attempts are so audacious and convincing that it’s hard to spot if they are bogus; we hope our new online resource center will make it easier for consumers to make that distinction and stay safe.”

said Pablo de la Riva, founder and CEO, Revelock.

Any suspicious message can be forwarded to, where it will be investigated by Revelock’s dedicated fraud services team, which has more than 15 years of experience in fighting online bank fraud and investigating phishing attacks. The team will analyse all links, images, forms, URLs and scripts, contacting the recipient if it is found to be a scam.Revelock will also share the details of the bogus campaign with local law enforcement bodies, helping to prevent future victims of crime.



For more information on the Revelock Covid-19 Online Banking Fraud Resources Center, visit:





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