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Revelock partners with Paramount to bring automated protection to financial services in the Middle East

Digital banking defenses in the region to benefit from a proactive digital ID strategy founded in behavioral biometrics.

15th July 2021 – Revelock, the pioneer in behavioral biometric-based online fraud prevention, and Paramount, a leader in cybersecurity consultancy and managed services for the Middle East, have today announced a partnership which will enhance fraud prevention for financial services in the region.

Through this collaboration, Paramount will offer Revelock’s unique, all-in-one Fraud Detection and Response (FDR) Platform to financial institutions, helping them significantly reduce fraud losses by instantly blocking any impersonation or manipulation attacks such as Account Takeover or Remote Access Trojans, while maintaining a frictionless customer experience.

Paramount comprises some of the region’s top cybersecurity experts and has over twenty years’ experience of providing security solutions and independent advice for financial institutions. It has worked with almost all banks in the region, including the top 10 major banks, to develop and improve their digital security strategies.

Paramount will incorporate Revelock’s FDR Platform into its suite of cybersecurity solutions and help financial institutions take advantage of an innovative Active Defense approach to blocking fraud.

Online fraud prevention in financial services traditionally focuses on the behavior of bad actors, comparing each customer to typical ‘bad’ behavior. Revelock is changing the game by working to understand each and every user at a granular level. The company leverages behavioral biometrics and hybrid-AI to create a BionicID or ‘digital fingerprint’ for every customer.

This allows financial institutions to identify any anomalies in user behavior – including unusual changes in their network or device – and detect whether the user is being manipulated or impersonated.

Once it has detected a credible threat risk, the pioneering Active Defense capability within the FDR Platform triggers a pre-configured automated fraud response, stopping fraud before it can occur and proactively protecting the organization and its users.



"We are always looking for the latest technology that will help banks get one step ahead of fraud – and stay there,” said Premchand Kurup, CEO of Paramount.

“Revelock’s accuracy in first detecting fraud attacks and then in pre-emptively responding to and blocking these attempts makes it a must-have addition for us. We’re delighted to team up and offer our clients the chance to leverage the cutting-edge technology already being used by banks internationally to cut fraud losses and reduce the cost and workload of internal fraud teams."


"Paramount has an extremely strong track record in providing industry-leading cybersecurity solutions and advice to financial services in the Middle East,” said Pablo de la Riva, CEO at Revelock.

“We’re immensely pleased to work with the team moving forward, combining their valuable expertise with our new all-in-one FDR Platform to together provide comprehensive and proactive protection from bad actor attacks while preserving uninterrupted user experiences"


About Paramount

Paramount is the leading Cybersecurity provider for companies across the Middle East enabling customers to protect their critical Information Assets and Infrastructure through a prudent combination of People, Processes, and Technology.


Revelock · A Feedzai Company

Revelock enables financial services and fintech companies to reveal and respond to online identity impersonation & manipulation attacks without hindering the customer experience. The Revelock Fraud Detection & Response (FDR) Platform combines behavioral biometrics, network and device assessment with hybrid AI and Deep Learning to create a BionicID™ which enables banks and other financial services providers to ‘Know Your User’ (KYU), spot bad actors and mitigate risk regardless of the type of attack.