Revelock · A Feedzai Company Apr 21, 2021 5 min read

Revelock Unveils New Fraud Detection & Response (FDR) Platform For Financial Institutions to Continuously Protect Against Fraud

Nonstop User Verification with automated response capabilities
dramatically reduce fraud losses and fraud operations costs.

April 21, 2021 - Revelock, the pioneer in behavioral biometric based online fraud prevention (formerly known as buguroo), has today announced the launch of the Revelock Fraud Detection & Response (FDR) Platform. The all-in-one platform protects web and mobile banking apps with enhanced response capabilities delivered by the company's previous flagship product, bugFraud.

The new Revelock platform combines behavioral biometrics, network and device assessment with hybrid AI to create a BionicID™ digital fingerprint of each user, enabling banks and other financial services providers to “Know Your User (KYU)” and continuously verify users at every interaction. A combination of per user models, population-based models and bad actor models continuously updated based on the latest knowledge of adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP), boosts organizations’ ability to accurately spot bad actors and protect legitimate users against identity manipulation and impersonation threats, all without adding friction to the customer journey.

The FDR platform reduces fraud losses as well as operations and call center costs through two unique automated response capabilities:

  • Active Defense gives fraud analysts full control over client-side automated risk mitigation by detecting and auto-responding to the latest identity threats and page overlay attacks. It consists of three tools: Malware Blocker, Phishing Blocker and mRAT Blocker
  • Pre-emptive Defense is comprised of Revelock Hunter (previously Fraudster Hunter) and new Revelock Mule Disruption Services, which enable analysts to detect bad actors, understand how they operate, and configure rules to auto-block or disrupt mule accounts, herders and networks, including previously undetected compromised accounts


“With an active defense approach, we stop fraud before it happens, reducing the number of fraud cases with automated responses, reducing the number of alerts as well”, said Pablo de la Riva, CEO, Revelock.
“In addition, our non-intrusive BionicID™ models let our customers Know Their Users at every interaction, substantially reducing false positives and false negatives, preventing negative customer experiences and freeing up resources to work on more complex investigations.”


The Revelock platform prevents Account Take Over (ATO) and provides continuous risk assessment and silent stepped-up authentication (MFA) to prevent New Account Fraud (NAF), and Card Not Present Fraud (CNP / 3D Secure). Compliant with PSD2 and SCA, and Revelock protects more than 50 million banking customers worldwide.




Revelock · A Feedzai Company

Revelock enables financial services and fintech companies to reveal and respond to online identity impersonation & manipulation attacks without hindering the customer experience. The Revelock Fraud Detection & Response (FDR) Platform combines behavioral biometrics, network and device assessment with hybrid AI and Deep Learning to create a BionicID™ which enables banks and other financial services providers to ‘Know Your User’ (KYU), spot bad actors and mitigate risk regardless of the type of attack.