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Continuous KYU & Model adaptation

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Know Your User, Know Your Threat, Know Your Response

Revelock verifies users via their BionicID™ within just a few interactions because they are analyzed by a hybrid AI system that utilizes Deep learning algorithms under expert supervision. These models take less time to train, leaving a shorter window of fraud vulnerability between the time a user starts interacting and when they are verified.

Since most online users are legitimate, Revelock asks “are you really you?” at every interaction, continuously scoring risk based on per user models, population-based models and bad actor models. If we detect an anomaly, we immediately spring into action and take defensive measures.

This approach allows users to go about their business faster because it’s easier to compare a known digital ID with real-time user actions than to compare a user to a database of bad actors. It eliminates misidentification. And it reduces both false positive alerts and actual fraudulent activity. We continually update this system with the latest knowledge of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures so you can stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Revelock Active Defense capabilities reduce fraud losses by enabling analysts to automatically stop identity impersonation and manipulation-based fraud attacks, delivering a first line of defense against malware and phishing attacks that compromise user credentials or sessions to commit fraud.

Revelock Preemptive Defense reduces costs by cutting down the number of fraud cases when your analysts discover and disrupt mule herders and mule networks, stopping fraud before it happens. Analysts can study BionicIDs linked to fraudsters operating in their online banking systems to learn how they operate and create automated rules/policies to stop them from perpetrating new fraud.

Revelock Detection & Response Platform

Biometric, behavioral & system data
Anomalies between current user behavior and the BionicID
Prevent ID Theft;
Stop Bad Actors at the Source


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