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"Are you really you?"

Revelock instantly determines whether an account has been taken over by answering one simple question - are you really you?   We know who you are because we start digitally fingerprinting you the first moment you log in to a site, instantly capturing baseline biometric, behavior, device, and network data. We then silently and continuously compare the actor controlling the session to your baseline profile to ensure you’re still in charge.  

In contrast, other solutions ask are you a bad actor?  Answering this question requires combing through databases containing millions of bad actors looking for a match. This identification process can take numerous sessions, leaving new users in a grey area where they are not classified as good or bad. It is the unidentified bad actors in this grey area who are responsible for the majority of fraud and related costs.


The BionicID™ is a unique digital identifier that is created for each user. We build a BionicID™ by collecting the user’s full context (thousands of biometric, behavioral, device, and network data points) and continuously analyzing user behavior from login to logout across every interaction.

If zero anomalies are detected and everything appears consistent with baseline measurements - which is usually the case -  users continue their journey uninterrupted. Otherwise, Revelock instantly activates policies that direct the appropriate action- whether verifying the user with stepped up authentication, terminating the session, or locking the account.




Rapid Risk Assessments

BionicIDs™ empower Revelock to recognize and verify users by their second session, speeding them on their way without the need for additional identification or lockouts due to false positives such as “friendly fraud” or legitimately shared devices.

Revelock is able to verify customers in just a few interactions because our models take less time to train, leaving a shorter window of fraud vulnerability between when a user starts interacting and when the user is verified.

The BionicID™ is equally effective at detecting insider threats; in contrast, solutions that ask  are you a bad actor? simply don’t work because most insiders are unknown to bad actor databases.




Hybrid AI

Revelock determines are you really you using a hybrid Artificial Intelligence system that combines Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Expert Systems. This hybrid AI technology is more accurate in detecting compromised accounts and can verify your customers in just a few interactions because the models take less time to train. This decreases the fraud vulnerability window - the time required to verify a user from the time they start an interaction.

We continually update this system with the latest AI technology and the latest knowledge of bad actor tactics, techniques, and procedures to ensure Revelock stays ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape. 

We minimize identification times by assigning all incoming events to the best AI / ML analytics module for the task.

Silent CX

Revelock ensures a “Silent Customer eXperience” that protects your customers and your brand. The hybrid AI system behind the BionicID™ operates in the background, continuously updating and analysing data coming from the user to avoid disrupting users with unnecessary stepped up authentication requests. By actively and silently stopping malware and phishing attacks, Revelock reduces the need to alert and annoy users.

In just a few visits, Revelock identifies users with a high degree of accuracy so it can confidently determine “are you really you?”. It thereby minimizes the window of compromise compared to traditional approaches that require multiple interactions to reliably verify users.

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