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QuickStart Implementation Services

Revelock understands that setting up a fraud prevention platform as quickly as possible helps protect customers/users and your organization. Revelock’s Quickstart Implementation gets your fraud team up and running quickly and efficiently. Our expert team can quickly identify your organization's requirements and deliver a Quickstart Implementation strategy along with expert product training. We can even provide professional fraud analysts after you’re up and running to help extend your fraud team while they get up to speed or to supplement your team for the longer term as required.

Fraud Analysts & Hunting Services

Organizations are exposed to varying types of fraud every year, banks and financial services organizations lose billions of dollars from fraud and its related costs. The recent and dramatic rise in online banking resulting from the global pandemic has also driven a comparable increase in fraud. To help combat these losses,  Revelock also offers the following services:

  • Fraud identification and detection
  • Fraud alert management
  • Bad actor, mule account and victim account detection and prevention

Ranging from Fraud Analysts who are generalists to fraud hunting experts Revelock can provide the help Fraud Teams need to get up and running. Our fraud experts can also lend a hand to help support your fraud prevention team with the resources necessary to take maximum advantage of our Fraud Detection & Response Platform.

Revelock Fraud Hunters are experts in rooting out bad actors resident in your banking system prior to the time Revelock’s Fraud Detection & Response Platform is deployed. Not only can they help identify bad actors they can also help your team create active rules to stop them from carrying out any new attacks. 

Developer Support

Revelock can work with your customer web and mobile app development teams to deploy the necessary data collection code required to protect web pages and mobile applications. These collector components are lightweight and compatible with all types of programming languages. The Revelock development team will provide the necessary:

  • JavaScript code required for web portal or other login or transaction pages
  • Custom SDK libraries for inclusion into supported mobile applications running on iOS, Android or Hybrid mobile platforms

Expert Services & Steadfast Support

Revelock’s expert services team provides continuous support to ensure your Revelock Fraud Detection & Response Platform is always operating at its maximum potential

  • Customer Support Managers: A dedicated support manager will work with you throughout your implementation and into deployment providing direct solution support and communications once you’re up and running
  • Health Checks: We will conduct regular health checks of your fraud mitigation environment to ensure your system is running smoothly
  • Continuous Upgrade Support: Revelock customers always have access to the latest and greatest capabilities and our services team will work with you to ensure proper implementation of all new capabilities and to optimize performance

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