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Most fraud solutions simply score risk and send alerts. Effective to a fault, they generate so many false positives and false negatives that alerts are often simply dropped. Knowing that most fraud teams are overworked and understaffed, bad-actors keep launching new attacks without repercussions.

The Revelock Fraud Detection & Response Platform enables organizations to Take Full Control  and reduce fraud operations and call center costs by: 

  • Heading off attacks before they happen. Revelock stops user credentials from being compromised in the first place and detects active ID threats. 
  • Rapidly identifying bad actors operating inside the organization and automatically stopping them from executing additional attacks, reducing call center costs.
  • Verifying users at every interaction. Revelock employs the user’s BionicIDs™ and an exact understanding of their behavior and environments to avoid misidentification and resulting false positives or false negatives. This frees up your fraud analysts to work on more important issues.

Revelock Active Defense Deters Attackers

Revelock Active Defense cuts fraud operations and call center costs by stopping threats to reduce the number of alerts. A highly flexible set of response capabilities empower fraud analysts to automatically stop active ID threats by simultaneously: 

  • Protecting the user when an attack occurs. Revelock can automatically and silently redirect users to safety and/or notify them that they are being compromised.
  • Automatically executing predetermined responses, such as user notification, stepped-up authentication, or session termination (auto-logoff).

Whether you’re faced with malware, (e.g.Remote Access Trojans that hijack sessions), or phishing, smashing, and vishing attacks (that steal credentials, capture one-time passcodes, or cause a user to take any action that would compromise a session), analysts can simply configure the Revelock Fraud Detection & Response Platform to protect users.

Revelock Active Defense includes the following capabilities:

Malware Blocker – A highly flexible response capability that keeps up with the latest malware threats using Revelock’s Malware Anomaly Detection & Classification Engine that is uniquely capable of identifying zero-day malware patterns to:

  • Prevent browser page overlay attacks designed to redirect users or steal credentials or one-time passwords.
  • Auto-respond with customizable defensive overlays and follow-on actions, including stepped-up authentication, or session termination (auto-logoff ).

mRAT Blocker – A RAT protection capability to detect and respond to remote access attacks to:

  • Protect mobile users without interfering with their bank interactions.
  • Auto-respond with custom defensive overlays, stepped-up authentication, or session termination (auto-logoff ).


Phishing Blocker – A powerful response capability that detects when a user clicks on a phishing link and redirects them to a fraudulent website designed to steal their credentials to:

  • Safeguard users by redirecting their navigation back to safety.

Revelock Pre-emptive Defense

Revelock Hunter uncovers bad actors who actively work inside your bank or financial institution and stops them from committing more fraud. 

Using Revelock Hunter, fraud analysts can:

  • Examine the BionicIDs™ of fraud victims.
  • Identify bad actors, such as mule herders and mule networks, by discovering BionicIDs™ connected to victims or mule accounts.
  • Understand how the bad actors operate.
  • Create automated rules/policies that identify activities of bad actors and automatically stop them from perpetrating new fraud.

Analysts can even aggregate rules to create campaigns that address combined attacks being waged against the bank’s customers. This approach to rule and campaign creation delivers fast, flexible and scalable bad actor detection and fraud prevention.

Revelock Hunting Service

While banks and financial services organizations lose billions of dollars from fraud and its related costs every year, they may not have the internal resources and expertise to root out bad actors. Revelock offers expert fraud detection and prevention services to help you combat these losses so you can dramatically reduce the number of bad actors and make it harder for users to go rogue. We also provide training so your IT staff can take over. 

The Revelock Hunting Service includes:

  • Fraud Alert management and early warning.
  • Fraud identification and detection.
  • Bad actor, mule account and victim account detection and prevention.
  • Intelligence report and anti-fraud advisory.

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